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‘DBT has been a life changing experience for me. When I was in a crisis, I first met Darryl who invited me to join his group. I didn’t believe that any therapy would ever help me, but I was wrong. I have been participating for almost two years and I am now medication free, because I have the skills to help me with everyday life. I have more energy and I am so much happier than I ever thought I could be.
My advice to anyone thinking about joining would be stick at it, no matter what thoughts you have, work extremely hard – if you do these skills, they will become second nature.’

Olivia Holley

‘DBT has enabled me to live a life I never thought possible. I have the skills I need to regulate my emotions when in distress and day to day. I no longer engage in dangerous behaviours and have been able to maintain and grow new relationships.

Anyone who suffers with suicidal thoughts or self-harm would benefit from this therapy and I am so glad I am no longer a slave to my urges and inability to cope. I now work full time and look after my family something which I never saw happening. I have self esteem and confidence and am achieving things personally and professionally that once seemed impossible.’