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DBT UK was started by Darryl Christie in 2020. Darryl Christie was one of the first accredited DBT Therapists in the UK having trained at the Linehan Institute in the USA, he was the Research Psychotherapist used in some of their biggest European studies.

We are a group of trained therapists trying to champion real change in our clients’ lives. We believe in brave not safe therapy! Meaning we will challenge you every step of the way to ensure you reach your goals using humour, validation, and momentum.

We specialise in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), which is an evidence-based therapy created by Marsha Linehan, PHD in the late 1970s. Linehan found as a suicide researcher that neither behavioural therapy nor humanistic therapy helped suicidal clients (which you may have found too?!) it was either invalidating or not addressing long term change. Linehan went on to combine the two therapies using dialectics as well as mindfulness, which was the first therapy to incorporate this. Resulting in DBT.

DBT has proven to decrease in frequency and length of hospitalization with mental health, decrease self-harm and suicidal ideations as well as increase strengthening of relationships in the clients’ lives.

We here at DBT UK fundamentally believe in people and people’s ability to helps themselves. What we provide is DBT skills teaching in group settings, 1:1s and phone coaching (available 7 days a week). This enables our clients with maximum support and with more success in applying them to everyday life. We provide a gold standard level of adherence to DBT ensuring our environment, teaching and therapists are delivering DBT in the way it was intended and the way in which the evidence supports it success.

DBT has been shown to help those with a diagnosis of BPD, EUPD, Emotion dysregulation, Addiction, ADHD, ASD, Autism, Depression, Anxiety and more. 


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What is DBT?

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy is a weekly programme of individual therapy and skills classes for people who experience difficulties in regulating emotions, including those diagnosed with borderline personality disorder (BPD) or traits.

There is no specific diagnostic requirement for participation in the programme. But if intense emotions, unmanageable distress or problematic behaviours interfere with your ability to be an effective human being, perhaps in your personal or professional relationships, DBT might be just what’s needed.

It will assist you in coping effectively with self-harm, extreme emotional sensitivity, mood swings, ADHD, eating difficulties, anger, depression, anxiety, intense relationships, impulsivity, and ultimately in building a fruitful, satisfying life.

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Darryl Christie

Darryl is an accredited Dialectical Behaviour Therapist and expert in emotional dysregulation and personality disorders.

Trained by the Linehan Institute in the USA, he was the Research Psychotherapist used in some of their biggest European studies. He has trained mental health staff in topics including understanding personality disorders, DBT, Mental Health awareness, Assessing Risk and Mindfulness. Darryl is an accredited supervisor with the Society for Dialectical Behaviour Therapy in the UK and Ireland


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DBT has been a life changing experience for me….



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