‘Our daughter was in a very dark place and really struggling both at school and at home.

Darryl and Katie, we believe, have literally saved her life.

The parenting course was exceptionally useful. My husband and I did not know how to support our daughter with her struggles and we were struggling as a couple as with our own personal emotional wellbeing trying to cope with our daughters feelings and behaviours. The course allowed my husband and I to feel equipped and empowered to support her and both of us with the same approach allowed us to come together as a team and discuss our approaches and support each other to support our daughter. We learnt so much from the course for ourselves personally as well as to support our daughter. It was literally enlightening!

Darryl and subsequently Katie in 1:1’s combined with group sessions has equipped our daughter with the skills to manage day to day life. We actually cannot put into words how incredible they are, their dedication to supporting our daughter and how much it has helped her is like night and day. We owe them so much and we are truly grateful.’


‘DBT has enabled me to live a life I never thought possible. I have the skills I need to regulate my emotions when in distress and day to day. I no longer engage in dangerous behaviours and have been able to maintain and grow new relationships.

Anyone who suffers with suicidal thoughts or self-harm would benefit from this therapy and I am so glad I am no longer a slave to my urges and inability to cope. I now work full time and look after my family something which I never saw happening. I have self esteem and confidence and am achieving things personally and professionally that once seemed impossible.’

A C 

‘He has made tremendous progress although it is still early days of course and I would like to thank you for the wonderful program you have established and for finding him a therapist as qualified as Jackie so quickly when we first reached out to you last December when he was doing so poorly and we were so worried about him.
Jackie’s guidance and extensive knowledge and expertise have been life changing for him as well as the tools and strategies your program has taught him which he has been and will continue hopefully to diligently practice to help him self regulate and navigate life and its many challenges.
We will of course continue to support him as best we can going forward. He is committed to his healing journey and very grateful for the excellent therapeutic support you have provided him.
I will highly recommend your programme to others.’


‘DBT has changed my whole outlook on my emotions; I now see how helpful they can be. Being able to identify emotions, figure out if they fit the situation and then learning skills to regulate them has been invaluable, and has made life much more manageable.

Before DBT, everything felt blurry and unpredictable, and now life feels more structured, pragmatic and enjoyable. Also the interpersonal skills have made my relationships easier to maintain.

I am very grateful to DBT-UK, and I am especially thankful to my 1 to 1 therapist, Claire, who has been an amazing support over the course of my therapy.’ 


‘DBT has been a life changing experience for me. When I was in a crisis, I first met Darryl who invited me to join his group. I didn’t believe that any therapy would ever help me, but I was wrong. I have been participating for almost two years and I am now medication free, because I have the skills to help me with everyday life. I have more energy and I am so much happier than I ever thought I could be.
My advice to anyone thinking about joining would be stick at it, no matter what thoughts you have, work extremely hard – if you do these skills, they will become second nature.’

Olivia Holley