Interpersonal Effectiveness module


Interpersonal Effectiveness module teaches clients how to analyse their relationships and build upon their own skills in asking for their needs to be met in an effective way. Many clients feel the need to rely on old habits to help or cope with their relationship issues but by giving them skills they can use every day to navigate relationships once again installs confidence and competence in this area. We give them useful tips and scripts on how to effectively ask for things or say no to unwanted requests which many clients struggle to do leaving them feeling helpless. This module has also helped clients to go on and form new relationships from a place of being mentally well which can lead to longer and more nourishing relationships. We also look at teaching clients’ skills on how to recognise unhealthy relationships and how to safely end them. This allows clients to feel more in control of their environment and the people they allow in it.

Note: We do not advise doing IPE as a single module alone. DBT works best when these modules are done as a whole programme one after the other or as a tool for topping up skills if previously completed DBT.


Group sessions are 1.5 hour sessions over a period of 12 weeks.

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